How often do I need to do my VA Emission Inspection?
ACome to Auto America Service the next time your vehicle needs its state motor vehicle auto emissions test. Our convenient hours make it easy for you to keep your car up to date.
Why do I need to Service the fluids in my vehicle?
ADirt Can get into the tightest engines. The reason that oil turns black is that it collects dirt and combustion residue. These particles cause scoring and premature wear of pistons and other parts. Wear and tear Filings and flecks of metal also collect in auto lubricants. Corrosion Over time, the corrosion inhibitors in antifreeze break down and the metal inside the radiator rusts, reducing its ability to cool the engine. Brake fluid also breaks down over time. Dissolved copper increases and can corrode antilock brake system (ABS) components.
Why do I need an Oil change?
AMotor oil lubricates the engine, preventing excessive wear, keeping it cool, and ensures that it is intact and sealed properly. Without regular oil changes, your vehicle is susceptible to debilitating engine troubles, inefficient fuel economy, and compromised safety. If you are not sure if you need an oil change on your vehicle please give us a call or stop by to have the oil checked out. All oil change appointments include a thorough 40 point inspection of your vehicle and we also top all of your vehicles main fluids. Request an appointment online today or stop by.

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